Wanwun, the musical session post engagement is an integral part of Kashmiri Weddings.

When it happens?

Wanwun songs are sung post Livun, during Mehendi, Groom’s Dastaarbandi, Arrival of Baraat and departure of the Bride.

What happens?

Post Livun, Sangeet (music) sessions would begin and would be held every evening at the boy and girl’s place. Relatives, friends and neighbors are invited to participate in these sessions. The session is packed with traditional Kashmiri folk and marriage songs called vachuns.

Wanwun will usually be sung by ladies and would not be accompanied by any musical instruments

The song would be a mixture of prayer and blessings, wishing the bride and groom for their well-being.

At the end of each session, the guests are served noon or sheer chai (a salted pink tea).



There is a belief that this style of singing originated from Vedic Age, when prayers and chanting used to be in a similar style, slowly and softly.

Wanwun is considered to be a tool which preserves and carries forward the traditions and cultures of our ancestors.

Both Hindus and Muslims at Kashmir perform this in their own religious style and sing them essentially during marriages.