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Itra or perfume is the last of the adornments that a Bride uses to complete her Look for her D-day. Part of the Solah Shringar, it makes the Bride feel vibrant and energetic.


Image Courtesy: The Picturist

Also Called

Itra in Hindi, Parimaḷam in Tamil, Pannīru in Telegu, Suvāsa in Marathi, Sugandhi in Bengali, Attar in Urdu.

When is it used?

Perfumes could be used on an everyday basis by all people. However, there would be certain signature scents that would be used for certain occasions. Sprayed on the pulse points, i.e. the inside of the wrists, elbows, back of the neck, behind the knees and the insides of the ankles. The best way to wear perfume is after a shower and using a suitable body lotion.

What are they made from?

Made from Essential Oils, Floral/Fruit or Musk Extracts or even Spices. Alcohol-based or Non-alcohol varieties of  perfumes are available in Retail outlets. Perfumes come with a high, middle and low notes to them.

Where would you find them?

Usually available in Malls or specialized perfume stores. Big Brands such as Burberry, Chanel, Hugo Boss etc could be bought offline, besides being available in Stores on the Retail Shelf.


The usage of perfume traces back to the time when Ayurveda existed in India. There are references found in the holy Islamic Books. The earliest perfumeries in the west existed in Rome, Cyprus and London. In ancient India, Sandalwood paste was used by Royalty to make them feel fresh and smell good. According to Research, Perfume plays a significant role in improving an individual’s confidence and mood.