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The first pre-wedding ceremony in a Punjabi wedding is the Thaka. It is a quick, small, intimate gathering of the couple’s families and closest friends. It is accompanied by lunch/dinner or a high tea, to announce the Betrothal. This is also referred to as the Roka.

When does it happen?
This can be performed at any time during the day or evening.

What happens?
The couple get formally committed to each other and announce their intention of being together.

The elders in the families choose an auspicious date for the ceremony which is calculated using a Panchanga and a Hindu Calendar.

Post that the groom’s family goes to the bride’s house with gifts, jewellery, clothes as shagun to confirm the engagement.

RokaImage Courtesy: Arjuns Tryst with the camera

This commitment is followed by an Ardaas – a prayer in the form of a request or an offering performed by the Sikhs.

The groom’s father gives money as shagun or token to the bride. Then offers and feeds her a sweet. The bride’s father performs the same with the groom.

RokaImage Courtesy: Arjuns Tryst with the camera

Thaka usually takes place at the bride’s house or at a venue arranged by her family.

The couple is free to court each other on the completion of this ceremony.

RokaImage Courtesy: Arjuns Tryst with the camera