Necklace/Haar/Aaram/Mala/Malai is integral part of the entire jewellery set worn by the bride on her wedding.

Also Called

Haar in Hindi, Aaram in Tamil, Mala in Telugu

When is it used?

Worn by young girls and women of all ages for any festive occasion. Adorned around the neck, it is the most talked about piece of jewellery at a wedding.


Image Courtesy: The Picturist

What are they made from?

Depending on the region and the community the bride belongs to, it could be a Gold (South) or Kundan/Polki/Diamond (North) one.  There are beautiful imitation ones also being used by several brides.


Image Courtesy: The Picturist

Where would you find them?

Usually available in Jewellery stores or Fancy Stores.


  • There isn’t any record as to when women began using necklaces.
  • There are of course references in our ancient scriptures.
  • A bride could wear several layers of necklaces on her big day.
  • The Mangalsutra or the Thaali although worn around the neck during the wedding does not constitute part of the Solah Shringar.
  • Heavy Kundan ones could be teamed with Western Wear for a Chic Look.
  • Men too indulge in neck pieces to complement their Outfits.