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Aarti consists of a Lit Lamp along with some accompaniments on a plate. The word is derived from a Sanskrit word called ‘Aarathrik’. The ‘aa’ means complete and ‘rati’ means love.

In different languages Aarti in Northern India, Aarathi in the Southern States

It is used in all Hindu marriages. It is also the song sung to praise the Lord.

When is it used?
The bride’s family welcomes the baraat with utmost joy. The bride’s mother then receives the groom with it.


Image Courtesy: Arjuns Tryst with the camera

It is also used by all Hindus while performing worship to the Gods. This is done almost everyday in every household.

How to source?
It is usually prepared by the women at home. A decorated one can also be procured, either online or in outlets dealing with puja items.

What does it contain?
A diya made of kneaded flour, mud or metal, filled with oil or ghee with cotton wicks (preferably an odd number) is lit.

Some even use camphor instead of diya.

This plate or shagun ki thali is used to place the diya.

The plate may also contain flowers, incense sticks, sweets and raw rice. The items used for aarti have a significant meaning:

  • The diya represents the fire component or heat.
  • The flower represents the earth (solid).
  • The water represents the water element (liquid).
  • The incense stick represents the purified state of mind.
  • Sweet represents the strong bond between the couple and their families.

This is often accompanied with a song with respect to the wedding ritual.

This is basically an expression of one’s complete love. This is not only limited to God. It can also be performed to all forms of life and inanimate objects like vehicles, electronics etc.