Shagun Ki Thali

Shagun Ki Thali:

Shagun ki Thali is a plate made of steel, silver or brass which is used for the Aarti.

In different languages
Also known as Shagun ki thaal or Shagun plate, Aarti plate or aarti ki thali.

Shagun ki thali is a must have in all Hindu marriages.

When is it used?
As soon as the Baraat arrives, they are warmly welcomed. The Groom is considered as form of MahaVishnu (In Hindu Religion, the Supreme God). The Bride’s Mother receives the groom with the Shagun ki thali for the Tilak (kumkum and raw rice) and Aarti. After the wedding, when the Bride arrives at her new home, the Groom’s mother or his sister welcomes her. Then, the Shagun ki Thali is used to welcome the Bride into her new home where she begins her marital journey.

How to source?
It is easily available in outlets dealing with vessels. Silver, Gold and Brass ones are easily available in jewellery shops. Made-to-order ones could be purchased as well.

What does it contain?
In India, each community has its own individual style of decorating their Wedding Thalis. The Key components which are majorly used by all are Diya, Kumkum, Raw Rice, Sweets, Flowers & Water.

  • The Diya represents the fire component or heat.
  • The Flower represents the earth (solid).
  • The Water represents the water element (liquid).
  • Sweet represents the strong bond between the couple and their families.

Shagun ki Thali

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  • The Shagun plate is treated as a symbol of good luck.
  • Thalis made of silver or brass are considered auspicious for weddings.
  • The Thali can also be beautifully decorated with hand paintings.
  • A ‘swastika’ symbol in the middle of the plate is commonly observed.
  • To add a rich look, a Zari Border is wrapped around.
  • An innovative and cost-effective way to decorate is to use colored paper or foil