Milni is an occasion for all the key men from both the families to meet and embrace each other.

When does it happen:

The baraat is welcomed by the bride’s parents and relatives. This ceremony of receiving the baraat is known as Agwaani. Rose water is sprinkled on the wedding procession which marks the beginning of Milni.

What happens:

This is an important function, where each men from the groom’s family are greeted by the men in the bride’s family. The bride’s relatives are introduced to the groom’s relatives. Usually the priest calls out the names of the relatives from each side to come over and meet each other.

This happens in the order of age, starting from grand parents and ending with brothers. Grand father of the bride greets the grand father of the groom by exchanging garlands, and cash or clothes, which the brides’s family gives as gift to the groom’s relatives. This way all the men are greeted by their peer. Cousins substitute wherever there is a gap.


Image Courtesy: Arjuns Tryst with the camera

In addition, Shabads are sung and the ardaas is recited once the baraat enters the venue or Gurudwara. Breakfast is also served to all the guests from the groom’s side.