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Bangles are traditional ornaments worn by South Asian Women primarily in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Also Called

Kangan or Chudi in Hindi, Valayal in Tamil, Gaaju in Telugu, Bale in Kannada

When is it worn?

Women start wearing them on their wrists at a very young age and some wear them all the time.


Image Courtesy: The Picturist

What are they made from?

These are usually made of Gold, Silver, Glass, Ivory, Metal among others and come in a Kaleidoscope of designs and colours.


Image Courtesy: Ojas Creative Photography

Where would you find them?

Cities across India have Bangle markets, but several novelty shops across towns stock them.


There are plenty of interesting trivia associated with bangles; the most peculiar one’s being that women are not supposed to buy the bangles that they would wear. It is also considered inauspicious for a married woman to have bare wrists.

Depending on their colour they symbolize different things:


Red Energy
Blue Wisdom
Purple Independence
Green Luck/Marriage
Yellow Happiness
Orange Success
White New Beginnings
Black Power
Silver Strength
Gold Fortune