Aeki Beki

Aeki Beki:

Aeki Beki is a Post Wedding Ritual where a game is played in the groom’s house by the newly-wedded couple. In India, where nearly 82% of the couples have arranged marriages, such rituals help the couple make a connection.

When does it happen?
After the Vidaai, when the couple comes inside the groom’s house, arrangements are made for playing Aeki Beki. It is played at most of the weddings that happen in the Northern parts of India. This is also referred to as “Finding the ring”.

What happens?
A wide mouth steel or brass vessel is filled with water, milk, vermilion and rose petals. A few coins and the ring/rings are put into this colored water. At times, small metallic objects are also added to the water, in order to confuse the couple. The couple is supposed to put their right hands together, in the water to search for the ring. This game is played seven times.

Aeki BekiImage Courtesy: Pranav’s Photography

It is believed that the one who finds both the rings first will have an upper hand in the married life. If both find one ring each, then a balance of understanding will be shared by the the married couple. It is also said that the one who finds the ring maximum number of times or four times out of seven, will rule the house and is declared the winner.

Marriage is a new phase for the couple, which would require mutual respect and understanding. Wedding games are of great help to get the couple acquainted and comfortable with each other. The purpose of Aeki Beki is to break the ice between the couple. The game is rather enjoyable and gets the entire family and friends involved as they cheer for the Bride and the Groom.