Sweet Poori

Sweet Poori / Sweet Puri

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Sweet Poori / Puri :

Poori is a regular weekend special at our house and as any other dish, this cannot be made to count, because it is a favorite item for all age groups and they would want to keep having that one more ;)

So we usually make more dough and sometimes when the dough prepared is left out, we make sweet poori with that dough to have it along with lunch or as an evening snack.

Sweet Poori

When you plan to get the kids enjoy this, you can cut the rolled over poori into a different shape and then deep fry them. They would enjoy it and finish them all!


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  • Atta / Wheat flour
  • Jaggery (I used palm jaggery)
  • Cardamom powder - a pinch
  • Salt
  • Oil
  • Water


  • 1. Knead atta with salt and water to make the dough and let it be there for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • 2. Take the jaggery in a cup and pour water till it dissolved completely and mix them.
  • 3. Strain the jaggery water to leave out any mud/stone in it.
  • 4. In a heavy bottomed tawa heat this jaggery water in low flame, mixing with a spoon once in a while, till it reaches string consistency. Switch of the flame, add a pinch of cardamom powder into the jaggery syrup and cover it with a lid.
  • 5. Now make small balls out of the prepared dough.
  • 6. Roll them one by one into semi-thick (thicker to roti) circles and cut it into diamond shaped pieces using a cake knife.
  • 7. Heat oil in a tawa and drop the small pieces into it. Try to mix the pieces once or twice to avoid them sticking to each other.
  • 8. When it puffs up or when the color changes to golden brown flip the pieces and let it be there for a minute.
  • 9. Remove from oil, let the oil to drain off and put the poori pieces into jaggery syrup.
  • 10. Serve hot or cold, both with have its own taste.

Additional Tips and More Variants

  • Dough should be a little hard (less moist) so that less oil is absorbed
  • While heating oil it should let out little smoke before you drop the poori circles. You can drop a small piece of dough to it and see if it rises from bottom to top surface. If the smoke is more reduce the flame before dropping porri circles into it. Otherwise the pooris will become black.
  • If poori is left out, you can just cut it and add it to hot jaggery syrup to get this recipe. Though the puffiness would be lost, the taste would be the same.

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Sweet Poori
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