Plain Paratha Recipe

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Plain Paratha Recipe:

Paratha is an Indian bread, a richer and layered version of Roti to say! This is made of the whole wheat flour and ghee. Most of us will have our own version for this recipe as it is a common dish. Bringing to you the 2 fold version of the Indian Paratha here!

Plain Paratha Recipe

This plain paratha recipe is a little different than the usual rotis that we make with the way we press the kneaded dough. With the pictures it would be easy for you see and understand the process of making this.

Enjoy this easy and tasty plain paratha with any subzi of your choice, be it Lauki Moong Dal or Aloo Parwal ki Sabzi.


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  • Wheat flour - 1 cup
  • Ghee or oil
  • Salt - 1/2 tsp (optional)


  • 1. Knead the wheat flour with salt and water for soft, non-sticky dough. Take care that the dough is not hard as we want soft parathas.
  • 2. Make a small lemon sized ball and roll it out into a small circle. Dust it with wheat flour as and when required to avoid it sticking to the kneading base.
  • 3. Fold the circle into a semi-circle. Further, the semi-circle should be folded again. Each time you fold, apply ghee to get soft parathas. Roll out the two fold paratha.
  • 4. Heat a pan on medium flame and place the rolled parathas on it and let it get cooked for a minute or two When it bubbles up apply little ghee or oil and flip the paratha to cook the other side.
  • 5. Press the cooking paratha gently with the spatula for even cooking and nice puffing.
  • 6. Hot paratha can be served with any side dish of your choice.

Additional Tips and More Variants

  • Spread a little oil to the wheat dough (before preparing the paratha balls) to make it more soft and non-sticky.
  • You can knead the wheat flour with milk or cream instead of water, while you prepare parathas for kids, as the parathas will be soft and tasty.
  • Afternoon’s bowl of dal can be kneaded with wheat dough in the evening for parathas. This will make your parathas extra soft and yummy.

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