How to cook Black Rice (Kavuni Arisi)

How to cook Black Rice (Kavuni Arisi)

How to cook Black Rice (Kavuni Arisi):

Black rice, called as Kavuni Arisi in tamil is a very rich food with high nutrient content and antioxidants. This rice is a must in all chettinad weddings down south and is used extensively in the form of sweet pongal and payasam.

This rice has another name – ‘Forbidden Rice’, and the history behind it is interesting. This rice was supposed to be consumed by Kings only and if it was found that someone else eats it, they would be punished for that. Imagine how rich this was and how protective the kings were on this.

how to cook black rice

Black rice on cooking becomes sticky and has a sweet flavour to it. So most of them use it for making sweet dishes only. Somehow, I liked to eat it with usual sambhar and rasam also. May be I prefer variety and healthy food rather than the usual unhealthy white rice! Ofcouse, only once in a while and not on daily basis. Enjoy this yummy purple dish and let us know how you liked it!


Wash 1 glass of black rice in water and soak it in 4 glasses of water for about 1 hour.

Two ways to manage the cooking:

1. Take the soaked rice with the water in a heavy bottomed bowl. Let the bowl be big enough to allow the rice to cook. Keep this on medium flame and allow it to cook, mixing it with a ladle once in a while. When the required consistency is reached, switch off and serve. For this method, you can add 3 glasses of water, instead of 4. If the rice is not boiled, add little more water and cook. This usually takes about 30 minutes.


2. Take the soaked rice with the water in a bowl that fits inside your pressure cooker. Add 1 glass of water inside the cooker. Place the bowl into the cooker and cover it with a suitable plate. Cover the cooker and leave it to boil for about 5 whistles. When the pressure is down, open it and see if water is retained. If yes, mix it, cover it and allow it to cook similarly for another 2 whistles. When done, check if it is boiled and enjoy hot.

Tips on Serving:

  1. Serve with grated coconut and palm jaggery powder, for a simple dessert.
  2. Serve with grated coconut, milk and salt, for a different tasty dish.
  3. Make Black Rice Sweet Pongal and serve as a dessert.


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