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Ourvivaha provides Destination Domestic Traditional Afforadable Wedding planning in Delhi, Hyderabad

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Depending on your budget, Put-up your guests in suitable Guest houses, B & Bs, hotels or serviced apartments.

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  • Hotel Royal Park

    Hotel Royal Park

    Hotels in New Delhi; Banquet halls in New Delhi; Wedding Venues in New Delhi; Wedding Venues in NCR

  • Shervani Hospitalites Ltd

    Shervani Hospitalites Ltd

    odc, Caterers in Delhi, Hotels in Delhi, Resort in Naintal, Destination Wedding, Multi Cuisine catering in Delhi, Accommodation in Delhi

Look & Feel like a Million Bucks! Personal Trainers, Spas & Salons, Massage Centers, Dieticians & more to help you feel & look your best at your wedding.

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All that you need to have a fun-filled entertaining & engaging engagement ceremony. Caterers, DJs, Bartenders & Gifting Professionals.

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So, you have done your wedding shopping, but what about the Logsitics. They are the backbone of your Wedding Events.

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After the Bride & Groom, it is the Families that look their best at the Wedding. Whether you are gifting them Gold, Silver or Apparels find it all here.

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