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Your wedding day is one of your most special and I understand this perfectly. Capturing the story as it unfolds, starting along with you getting ready all along till you take your first steps of togetherness. Whats even better? A couple shoot can either be the starter or the desert to your multi-course wedding. Its the perfect way to freeze some personal memories of just the two of you.. I handle this with some simple choreography at a location of your choice.. So why wait.. I invite you take a tour of my work and get a first hand feel of what awaits you...

Bangalore is my home for more than a decade; thats about as long as I have been doing photography too. I travel just about anywhere a wedding calls me.

Services include pre-wedding/e-sessions, engagements, and wedding shoots. Tell me your story at contact or +91 984-406-4426 and lets see how we can make it into a picture book that you would cherish for generations...

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