Ramada Gurgaon Central

Banquet Halls
Site No 2. Sector 44, Gurgaon,,Gurgaon,Gurgaon-122003
Covering Areas:
New Delhi,Gurgaon
Value From:
Ramada Hotel is a brand name of Wyndham Hotels and Resorts and has over 7000 hotels in 67 countries worldwide. It is the ultimate destination among all the Gurgaon hotels in India where the guests are served with the opulence of style and luxury. This Gurgaon hotel is the major attraction for people when it comes to elegant yet simple hotels in NCR.Ramada is an acclaimed place of hospitality among all the hotels at Gurgaon where discerning business and leisure travelers find solace due to the just-right ambiance and service delivered by the courteous staff. This splendid Gurgaon budget hotel cordially welcomes its guests and provides them with an environment of freedom and tranquility wherein they find the most suitable guest house in Gurgaon. Splendidly appointed guestrooms and boardrooms have been meticulously planned and designed with a host of innovative features using the latest technology.Being the house of one of the best restaurants in NCR, over here the guests are treated with open and interactive kitchens along with the aesthetically pleasing presentations of elaborate buffet. The multi-cuisine restaurant offers a generous display of all major meals along with an a-la-carte menu with its wide selection of Indian, Continental and Lebanese cuisine.
This finest hotel in NCR ranks fairly well when it comes to the best guest house in Gurgaon and takes extra care that its guests are treated in the best of the ceremonial mannerisms. Therefore, turning into the most sought after guest houses in Gurgaon among all the NCR hotels.
The hotel opens an all new world of sensibilities and emotions, giving you lot of space to explore and feel. Welcome to Ramada Gurgaon Central!- See more at: http://ramadagurgaoncentral.com/about-ramada/#sthash.hirMHubq.dpuf

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