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Marriages & Events

We have been undertaking catering contracts for Marriage and related programs, Theme Parties, Ceremonial Gatherings and events of various kinds for the past 15 years. Our food specialities include Indian, Chinese, Mughalai and Continental Food, for both vegetarians and non vegetarians. Apart from outdoor catering in parties and events, we also provide packed ready-to-eat-meals to institutions and organisations. Affordability and value for money are among our priorities and therefore, we offer our services at reasonable rates to customers. Our name is synonymous among our valued clients and is acknowledged as one of the leading names to carve a niche position in the industry domain. The reasons that give us a cutting-edge over others are:
  • All edible items prepared and served by us are of top most quality in terms of
    taste and ingredients used during preparation.

  • Extra effort is put in, to look into the quality of raw material, ingredients and
    supplements used, during procurement, to maximise customer satisfaction.

  • We respect our clients valuable time and supply ready-meals and packed
    food on the stated time.

  • Our services are not only efficient but also highly punctual.

  • All kinds of queries, suggestions or feedback from the clients are always
    taken into consideration and thought upon.

  • Reasonable Rates and Easy Availability form the pillars of our services.

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