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At INCK we bring you Lifestyle Candid Wedding Photography with our style of creativity and your memories. Whatever your love story, we put it in images for you to enjoy and cherish as the years go by. 

We believe Photographs are frozen moments, and when you look into them, they become stories. Full of feeling and full of life. They are quiet, emotional & beautiful.And as our world zooms ahead frame-by-frame, we attempt to bring it to a standstill through our lens.

We are three creative wedding photography specialists based in Pune, India who love to shoot weddings. We complement each other with our own flair for photography and it shows up with different perspectives in our wedding photography.

Weddings are made of smiles, tears, hugs, stolen glances, nostalgia and joyful ambiance. And Indian weddings are known to be colorful, very sentimental, and boisterous and all that is associated with a gala! We believe that your wedding photographs should capture those moments and emotions that are the essence of any wedding rather than just being a documentary evidence of being married. :)

And so our modus operandi is to merge into the background, let the emotions flow and capture the moments - almost stealthily! Coz, as soon as an emotion knows it's being graphed, it becomes an expression. On the face, not from the heart.

When you engage us at INCK, you're not just getting the best candid wedding photographers, but multi-faceted consultants! We have been called upon by our brides and grooms to advise them on wedding hall decorations & color scheme, wedding saree color, Jodhpuri suit versus dhoti-kurta, make-up and jewelry combination to name just a few.

We can engage with you right from the time you decide to get married till you become parents and ahead as well. We have shot pre-wedding couple portrait shoots. And have shot candid engagement ceremonies in addition to the grand finale of the wedding. We have also worked with new parents who want to have a family portrait shoot for timeless memories.

We like to believe we are one of the best contemporary candid wedding photographers in Pune. So take your time, browse through our site and hopefully we will be able to answer most of the questions on your mind. But as they say, nothing beats a face-to-face catch up. So look up our Contact page to see the many ways and means to get to us or have us call you back.

PS : In case we haven't been able to convey it as yet ... We know that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your lives. And we're honored that you are considering us to capture your wedding memories in camera. - THANK YOU ! :)

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