Citypark Green Resort

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New Delhi
Hotel City Park Pitampura,,Pitampura,New Delhi-110088
Covering Areas:
New Delhi,Gurgaon
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Hotel City Park is fully service boutique hotel in Delhi & NCR. These luxurious but economy hotels are now at Pitam Pura (A heritage capital city of India, New Delhi), Near International Airport before Gurgaon (Known as a Corporate Hub) & GT karnal Road. We believe that guests deserve a hotel just as unique, intimate and charming as their host city. Whether you are in town for business or pleasure, we have just the hotel to suit your budget and personal tastes. We have designed both the hotel with the amenities and comfort you need for a successful and enjoyable business trip or holiday. Both Hotels are well equipped with modern conferencing facilities for conducting business meetings, product launches, dealer incentives, business presentation, social functions, marriages and personal get together.

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