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New Delhi
9,PVR Saket community centre,saket ,,Saket,New Delhi-110017
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New Delhi,Gurgaon
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TT FOOTCARE is proud to open its door to you with its first DAY SPA and wellness center ALAYA , meaning the eighth stage of nirvana. With seven years of expertise in foot reflexology, shiatsu and traditional thai body work out, we offer you a wide range of international therapies including contemporary as well as traditional asian and Tibetan therapies. With a contemporary Tibetan buddhisim ambience designed to be sanctuaries for the inner self, trained therapist and use of authentic products, every invigorating treatment will take your mind, body and spirit to a new high.

Alaya, the eighth consciousness, is also known as the final state of the mind before it attains nirvana. Alaya spa + wellness is an oasis away from the staleness of life which promises a similar experience in your quest for inner peace and well-being. A visit to Alaya is truly a retreat that willrelax your mind, revive your body and rejuvenate your soul.

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