How to select the best Videographer:

Videography can also be read as ‘reliving the moments’. A videographer captures all the happenings, edits the footage to show highlights of the events, embedded with sound tracks in the background bringing in the mood and feelings of the captured moment. The videographer will capture the events in their own style. Few styles are as below:

  • Journalistic: Also called as documentary style, captured footage is edited in such a way to preserve continuity.
  • Cinematic: Here video is captured and edited to bring in the effect of watching a movie. It will have the dramatic effect.
  • Storytelling: The sound bites of the bride and the groom captured would be embedded here and there in the video to bring in the story effect.
  • Short Form Wedding: Highlighting the events of the day and making the video short and sweet for up to an hour.
  • Traditional: Capturing the events as it happens and editing it lightly to have the family-shoot video effect.

Qualities of the best Videographer:

  • Capture the event in such a way that we relive the event while watching the video
  • Technically sound and creative to capture the different scenarios of our rituals
  • Punctual and flexible enough to adjust with our needs
  • Capturing the happenings without annoying us and our guests
  • Manpower to capture events happening in parallel (stage event,  guests,  reception,  etc)
  • Capable to project best quality live video  in a screen / TV, when required

videographer jalajImage Courtesy: Jalaj Panth Photography

Points to Ponder:

                Now that we have listed the qualities, we might also have to check the price for the vendor which should match to our budget and their availability has also to be checked.  They must be located at a reachable distance. Rather than selecting them blindly, look out for their portfolio, read reviews and testimonies on them and then decide.

Check here for the Common Questions to ask a Vendor before booking.

Additional Questions that you may ask the Videographer:

  • How long have you been in this industry? How do you think you differ from others?
  • What is your recording methodology? (is it CD / DVD / HD)
  • What are the packages that you have? What all is covered in it and what is extra? (Like – is engagement covered? Is post processing like editing, digital files, DVDs covered?)
  • How long will it take for me to get the video after the wedding?
  • How long will the video be?
  • Can you please show me the recent wedding cover up that you did?

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