How to select the best Event Planner:

Planning and organizing the wedding can be very stressful when we do it on our own, when we do not have expertise or time in doing one. Though we can get the details of all the vendors through word of mouth or through internet, it might become tedious to follow up, book, confirm and get things done. So, here we have the event planners who does this big task for us effectively and provide end-to-end solutions. Hiring an event planner would make us sit back, relax and enjoy the wedding when everything happens perfectly.

Qualities of a best Event Planner:

  • Excellent organizing skills with a good professional network
  • Detailed attention and interest in the rituals
  • Effective communication skills with time management and decision making ability
  • Creative, multitasking and flexible
  • Budget planning and sticking to the said budget
  • Reputation and Customer satisfaction – photos / videos / reviews / testimonies

Points to Ponder:

                Now that we have listed the qualities, we might also have to check the price for the vendor which should match to our budget and their availability has also to be checked.  They must be located at a reachable distance. Rather than selecting them blindly, look out for their portfolio, read reviews and testimonies on them and then decide.

Check here for the Common Questions to ask a Vendor before booking.

Additional Questions that you may ask the event planner:

  • How long have you been in this industry? How do you think you differ from others?
  • What type of weddings have you planned so far?
  • What are the services that are included and what is extra?
  • What kind of details do you require from us?
  • How often will we discuss about the status?
  • How do you charge (as a flat fee or a percentage of the wedding expense)?
  • Which was the last wedding that you performed at and can I see the photos / videos?

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