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How to select the best Caterer:

Wedding and food go hand in hand. We must make sure that the flavour lingers on long after the wedding as well. The term ‘Catering’ is all about cooking and providing food at any said location. Catering should be done with utmost attention and timing. However grand the celebrations are, the reach of food The job would normally start days ahead of the wedding. Caterers would be specialized in different cuisines and would cater our needs of serving, buffet, etc.

Qualities of the best caterer:

  • Exceptional cooking skills with variety and quality
  • Reputation and Customer satisfaction – word of mouth / reviews / testimonies
  • Flexibility and adaptability – we never know, the guests flow might be much more than the expected and planned number
  • Administrative skills
  • Punctual and well organized

Points to Ponder:

                Now that we have listed the qualities, we might also have to check the price for the vendor which should match to our budget and their availability has also to be checked.  They must be located at a reachable distance. Rather than selecting them blindly, look out for referrals, read reviews and testimonies on them and then decide.

Check here for the Common Questions to ask a Vendor before booking.

Additional Questions that you may ask the Caterer:

  • How long have you been in this industry? How do you think you differ from others?
  • What is your specialty? Which cuisines are you good at?
  • Can I have a look at the different menus that you offer and the price list?
  • Do you offer table service as a part of this or is it extra? How many associates are assigned?
  • Do you offer Buffet service? (If necessary)
  • Do you offer chaat / paan / ice creams / fruit salads? (if necessary)
  • How will you manage with the cooking vessels and groceries?
  • What inputs / assistance do you require from me now and later?
  • When will you start the work at the venue?
  • Which was the last wedding that you serviced at and can I have the contact details of your customer?

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