Why do women love shopping?

By ourvivaha
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Jun 19th, 2013

Single Women – Synonymous with Shopaholics?!

When you are young, rich and beautiful, the World is at your Feet!! At least, that is what all the fashion magazines have to say. In fact, Femina has a section for the “young, rich and beautiful”. I believe that a rich beauty with brains, who is SINGLE has the world at her feet. Guess that’s what makes me!

We singles shop with fervour and a zest. The silks and satins pamper us, the stilettos and the peep toes make us feel confident, the vibrant colours and prints make us feel alive and the blushes, rouge, lipsticks and gloss makes us feel that the world is at our feet – this was what was missing. Now life seems beautiful!

We single women, have 5 senses alright, but this is what they respond to –

Sight – the “SALE” sign on the window, the contrast or match of colours in an outfit, the variety of colours for a particular top, the sparkle of diamonds.

Smell – the perfumes (Chanel and Hugo Boss and Gucci) that seem to entice us into buying them, the sweet scented candles and body butter.

Touch – the feel of velvet, the polished leather of the sandals, the feel of those huge handbags tugging at us, the feel of the new moisturizer on our skin.

Taste – the taste of freedom to shop away to glory without a single thought!! Chocolates of course top the list for taste.

Hearing – the jingling of bangles, the tinkling of anklets, the swish of skirts, the tick-tock of heels, the gossip for the hottest sale in town

Women are women and we’ll always be the same! What’s even better is the fact that since we are single and we could splurge all-we-want on shopping.

If we feel low, we want to get a new dress. If we are feeling happy, we get new shoes for the next party. If we are idle, we ransack all the shops and say that was “Window shopping”. Our scintillating wit comes into play when we have to bargain for that awesome scarf or those adorable peep toes.

Believe it or not, it relieves us of all the stress and no woman who can say that she loathes shopping. If she does, hush-hush…she is lying!!

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