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Jun 8th, 2013
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Wedding Industry – Father of all Industries


Hello Readers!

I am back… with an all-new article on the Economics of the Wedding Industry, the menu for you today is “Wedding industry is the father of all industries”. So, how come the wedding industry becomes the father of all industries? Let me explain in detail.

For e.g.: let us take a few categories that are its components: Food Catering (60,000 Cr), Bridal wear (10,000 Cr), Bridal Jewellery (60,000 Cr), Photography (10,000 Cr), Honey moon packages (10,000 Cr).

This is just an appetizer to the total number of categories in the wedding industry, let’s get into the business. Catering as a category in the wedding industry is in itself an Industry – The food industry which runs into crore of rupees, the Bridal Wear industry is a very huge industry on its own – the garments/attire industry, the wedding industry provides a huge chunk of business to this industry.

Then, we have the Bridal jewellery – Jewellery industry, no introduction needs to be given about the size of this industry. It would be re-in stating the obvious when we say that all jewelers in India are dependent on the wedding industry to run the show, whether it is a corporate or a small time jeweler, the wedding business is the biggest for them.

Photography on the other hand is a much smaller industry compared to the previous ones, but it is the driver to the very big electronic industry. Over three-fourths of the business of the photographers comes from the wedding industry. Finally the Honeymoon packages, confused on which industry will come here… not just one but two industries are covered by this single category, the transportation industry & the tourism industry. Now the simplest argument I am going to put is that people go to honeymoon only after their wedding (Except a few), so it is justified that this category is also a part of the wedding industry.

With all the explanations done, I have a simple question to ask

So, tell me who is the Daddy now?

-          Suraj Suryanarayanan

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