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May 27th, 2013
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Trousseau Packing – familiar with the term? It is much in vogue now at every Indian wedding. Last year, I was at a cousin’s wedding in Ranchi when my aunt asked me to assist her with packing several gifts that were to be given to the bride and her family. This small task took lots of time, effort and patience. I started the seemingly never ending task of wrapping each small gift, arranging each thali,grouping the different dry fruits into small mounds, sprinkling gold and silver dust and finally wrapping is with a translucent golden paper. Hey,this was just one thali and there were dozens waiting to be touched.

When I came to Delhi, a year later and attended a friend’s wedding I saw a similar trend but the packaging was far better, the designs were spectacular and the themes were amazing. I was thus introduced to the concept of trousseau packing and that too, theme based. My friend had chosen the theme of peacocks and the designer had very elegantly chosen the colours of the peacock for packing and given a final touch with peacock feathers.

Krishna Theme

Krishna Theme

Would you believe it? Fancy packing is done for bridal showers, babyshowers, functions such as engagement ceremonies, roka, mehendi, haldi and sagan.If you want to learn the art and you could always enrol for courses. Many choices pop up when you use Google Maharaja. The rates for trousseau packing depend on the size of the package, the materials used and the design. People use lac, gold, silver, beads, stones, dates, sugar coated almonds and the likes for an attractive package.

So, the next time you are at a wedding, do not spend time packing each box and use the services of a professional, choose an attractive theme. Make your D-day special!

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