The Wedding Bazaar

By ourvivaha
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May 12th, 2013
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It was kind of, my first day at work and what could be more interesting than visiting a Wedding Exhibition with all the big designers around. For a girl like me, the word “Wedding” has always been about getting ready, enjoying, partying etc but now i work for that segment. It’s this “WOW” feeling that motivates me all the time.

With all the young girls with their mom’s and girlfriends trying out all the awesome designs of apparels and jewellery, for a moment I thought to myself, let’s just chuck everything else and START SHOPPING…but, obviously I didn’t do that.

It was a great experience talking to all the designers and trying to get their pain points and then giving our solutions. Most of them were just too busy with their customers to listen to us and respond so, the least they could do was to give us their Business Cards.

But this wasn’t the good part yet…the good part came when some of them showed interest and asked questions…that is where my Job Started..and then there were small discussions about inbound marketing v/s traditional outbound marketing.

Owners and Designers were really excited to know more when they understood that they can increase their client base which gave us a very important insight that we need to create awareness first and then the need would be generated on its own.

It was a short and awesome first-day experience which mostly included meeting new people, understanding their thoughts and mindsets and then sharing our ideas.

The Wedding Segment is indeed glamorous but a lot of effort goes into making this ceremony of uniting two people awesome!!

And as it is rightly said “Soulmates…two halves of the same soul joining together in life’s journey”


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