The Most Memorable Wedding Moment in Television History?

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Jun 26th, 2013
The Most Memorable Wedding Scene in Television History?


What if I told you that the opening act of one of the Greatest and most Critically acclaimed movie of all time – ‘The GodFather’ now has a serious competitor!

If you think I have “insulted your intelligence” by even suggesting that, then you might want to check out the most expensive TV series ever produced. Yes, I’m talking about ‘Game of Thrones’. Specifically,  Episode 9 of Season 3 titled ‘ The Rains of Castamere’ a.k.a ‘ The Red Wedding.

This spectacle on TV is an adaptation of the a well-written book by George R.R. Martin titled ‘The Storm of Swords’ in the series ‘The Song of Ice and Fire’. The sheer excitement, the twists, the turns and the heartbreaks offered by the Book and the show is an “offer you cannot refuse”.

The art of movies (when done right!) transports audiences to a world, where we subconsciously indulge in choosing the side of our favourite character and wish he/she comes through at the end. What I felt when watching ‘The Godfather’ was Brando’s brilliance slowly and succinctly taking control of confusion and disarray and bringing in an aura of safety and assurance just with words! With that settled, the movie opens up and candidly showcases an Italian wedding, briefly glamorizing the magic of Mediterranean marriage festivities.

The Red Wedding is set in a fictional time and place. The wedding takes place in a King’s court room and has an entire marriage ritual invented by Martin which caters to the beliefs and customs of the characters! The ceremony begins with wine glasses raised and the groom awaiting his bride-to-be. The vows are said with a set of seemingly random words exchanged and finally the bride becomes a wife when the groom brings her “under the protection of his cloak”. Then the feast of friends and guests begin and celebrations are aloud. The scene brings about a smile that stays on your face for a spell considering another heart warming conversation. That sets up the audience and makes them think of the obvious directions that the show will progress!

But ‘The Red Wedding’ does not leave you with smiles and songs. Martin took advantage of the predictable situation like a wedding and turned into something that left people SHOCKED! My word is not enough you say? Check out this video ( 8 million + views) which shows the reactions of people, who have just seen the episode. The twists were ‘So UNEXPECTED’ that it caused a twitter meltdown, where the reactions of people were equally entertaining to say the least!

Like many other fans, the scene made me feel insecure about the future of our favourite characters on the show and as well imagining ‘the Rains of Castamere’ playing in dreamt-up scenarios!

If you haven’t yet seen the show or read the book, I urge you to start and comment below about your memorable wedding scene in television or movies that stayed with you for a long time.

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