The Importance of Aadi Maas/ Ashada

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Jul 30th, 2013

‘Aadi’ also called ‘Ashada’ is the fourth month in the Traditional Hindu Calendar, which starts mid-July every year. A year in the Hindu calendar consists of two Ayanas that signifies the Sun’s yearly movement, i.e. the direction in which the Sun moves. These two Ayanas – Uttarayana, Northward journey and Dakshinayana, Southward journey last for six months each.  In Hindu tradition, we believe that one year in a human life is one day for the Gods. Uttarayana is considered as the day time and Dakshinayana is considered as the night time for the Gods. The month of Aadi marks the beginning of the Dakshinayana, which is also the start of the Sun’s southward movement. The day becomes shorter while the night becomes longer. Heavy wind and heavy rains are seen during this month with rivers overflowing.

Aadi is an auspicious month dedicated to Prayers, mainly to Goddess Lakshmi and Durga. Fridays and Tuesdays of this month are more special for performing poojas to these Gods. Special ceremonies are organized in all Amman (Goddess Durga) Temples to celebrate this auspicious month. Aadi is also a very important month for the farmers and agriculturists in the Delta region. The rain water availability in the delta makes this month apt to start sowing the seeds for cultivation. The Sun rays during the Dakshinayana period is considered to be suitable for cultivation and for good yield.

In the months of Aadi, many rituals are performed across locations on Aadi Ammavasai (No Moon day), Aadi Pournami (Full Moon day), Aadi Perukku, Aadi Karthigai, etc. Prominently, Varalakshmi pooja is performed on a Friday before the Full Moon day. Goddess Lakshmi is believed to listen to her devotees’ prayers and showers her blessings on the devotee and the family on this day. Importance of this Pooja is mentioned in the epic Skanda Purana and is believed to be said forth by Lord Shiva himself to Goddess Parvati.

Likewise, to concentrate on these different rituals and the new season of cultivation, no other ceremonies like marriages, house warming, etc are encouraged in this month. Also, in some families, newly wedded couple will not be allowed to stay together to avoid conception during this month. The reason behind this is, if conception happens in this month, new born will arrive in the month of April / May, the hottest months in the year, making it uncomfortable for both the child and the mother. But, the real reasons are forgotten and are being interpreted differently. There is a popular myth around the month of Aadi is that it is an inauspicious month and if something is started in this month, it will lead to failure, which is obviously not true.

Come on ladies, brush aside the myths, concentrate on the rituals and the prayers for the Goddesses and get your family blessed in the holy month of Aadi.


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