The Budget Game – Relaxed Celebration with Reduced Cost

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Jan 8th, 2014
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The Budget Game

- Relaxed Celebration with Reduced Cost

Article from our founder Shyam Velumani for Wedding Mantra Magazine, published on January 2014.



  1. Heavy volume, large sized, one for each function you plan, multi-fold, multi-color, etc. Try clubbing all these in a single card to save cost. Proof read your cards to avoid mistakes like misspelled names of the bride/groom or the family, and save 25% on your printing expenses.
  2. VidPep: Use our technology to make invitations more personal by recording a 1 minute video simply using a webcam, and send it to anyone in the world. The best part is your guests can record and send their response to you in the same format, and we are offering this service for free to our consumers.

Savings: Fuel, Stress, Printing, Postage, Travel, Parking, Time. It also gives a personal interaction.

Wedding Planners:

  1. Hiring wedding planners is considered a costly affair however with new introductions in technology we are able to work with the couple and help them organize their wedding at a much affordable rate, our record saving the budget being up to 33%.
  2. We not only help you get competent rates but also give you of 5 to 10 options to choose from. We work closely with you so we know exactly what you are looking for. Our relationship with our vendors helps us get some good discounts.
  3. It is advisable not to seek services of more than 2 planners or agents while assigning vendors otherwise it creates a virtual demand that drives up the price of the service and the customer ends up paying extra for the same service.
  4. Venue management needs to be handled only by an expert because it involves crowd management, facilitation and quick decision making. Gone are the days when family members took up the task of managing the venue. With changes in trends and in social structures the services of an expert are but necessary.


1. An e-marketplace to buy, sell and rent pre-owned wedding supplies including – jewellery, attire, make up kit, etc.


  1. Closely watch and avail the deals coming from the wedding vendors. We collect the deals in our system and provide it as a welcome kit to people who are engaging with us in the free wedding consultation.
  2. If you are getting married after a big holiday, say Nov/Dec, you might consider buying some items in Diwali sale as you might get some huge discounts.


  1. Plan in detail every little thing and assign tasks to people you trust. This will reduce the stress and help you monitor activities efficiently.
  2. We have built “Interactive Wedding Checklist”, an application that comprehensively covers each point of the wedding with the purpose of reducing the stress and the cost incurred.



  1. Venue, the biggest expenses in any wedding, is 90% of times, the first service that any consumer books. Short-list venues that provide in-house catering décor, and recce them wisely.
  2. Properties like The Bristol, Ramada, Marriott, Royal Park provide options like per-plate catering which covers not just food but venue charges as well. Our consumers have told this option saved them up to 10% of the wedding budget. There are some venues that don’t allow kids. Make it very clear while booking.
  3. Consider an open lawn wedding (for evening receptions, etc), where you can save cost of the tents.

Doing the venue + catering + decor with the same property, will help you get a good negotiation power to strike a decent deal.


  1. Don’t keep changing the menu. Fix up a menu and make it special.
  2. Make sure you are considering the drivers’ food. Stick to one type of menu rather than multiples (combo of Thai, Continental, Chinese will certainly shoot up the cost)
  3. Give a planned and healthy menu with right number of items as your wedding feast. Give importance to quality over quantity.


  1. So many new options like nail-art studios, spas, coffee readers, tarot card readers will make the wedding stand out.
  2. You could save 2 to 3% of your overall budget by providing more choices in small pieces of budgets rather than the big chunk to big artists.
  3. Having a background music rather than a live performance will reduce your overall wedding budget by 8%.
  4. If you want a music troop, give chance to a budding musicians with right talent rather than celebrities.


  1. Go for seasonal flowers. Get a rough idea on the prices of the flowers before talking to the decorators.
  2. Try & rent readily available decor items rather than custom designing them like – wedding decors, display decors, aarti plates, and what not!


Choose the best vendor who would give quality output for your preferred shots, rather than taking unlimited pictures


Try getting married off-season.


Well, India has many amazing places that everyone needs to explore and experience. Visiting domestic attractions will bring down the cost. Make booking well in advance can get you the best of deals.


In any wedding event, a bride/groom or their family pays for everything. What if 2 or 3 of the guests collectively gift a photographer’s services for the wedding? OurVivaha has gift registry feature and when the bride/groom makes it available to the guests, they can choose what is affordable for them and can gift that item well in advance. In this way, the bride/groom will be able to save a considerable amount of money on the wedding.

Reverse Bid:

We are introducing a reverse bid option where people can bid for the service they need and the vendors who are interested in that opportunity can respond back with an offer. You can choose from multiple vendors competing to provide you their service at your price.

Sponsored Weddings:

We want to introduce corporate sponsorships for weddings to cut down the wedding cost borne by the bride/groom. It would be a case where OV, rather than taking money for organizing the wedding, will be able to give back a chunk of money to the couple who is getting married.

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