Tea and Coffee Reading

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Jun 18th, 2013
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Tea and Coffee Reading

What do you normally do with a cup after enjoying some stimulating tea or coffee? I would let it lie on the table and my mother would definitely disapprove of me for doing anything other than putting it in the sink for washing. However, the tea leaves left behind or the coffee grounds are the main source for Tasseography (Tea reading) and Cafeomancy (Coffee reading) – now gaining popularity in India.

Wondering what this is all about? This unique art has been practised in many countries of the Middle East for ages. What was then done by women at family gatherings for fun, has been magnified to a profession, and now done at weddings and parties by professionals, to entertain the guests.

You must be just as bored as I am, seeing the same stuff at every wedding – kulfiwala, magician, bartender tricks.  Try something new! A corner at the Mehendi function, Cocktail party or even a Sangeet ceremony dedicated to these professional tea readers is an amazing source of entertainment for the guests as one and all are intrigued by the concept and the very fact that fortune telling can be done using remains of tea and coffee.

The readers prefer a light coloured, wide mouthed cup for the ease of reading. They read the dark remains against the light background and give interesting inferences. The symbol of a balloon, for instance, indicates short term troubles and that of a beehive indicates prosperity. Distinct drops of tea/coffee remaining in the cup even after emptying it indicates tears.

Are you wondering that this seems like a fantastic idea for your party, but where do you find a tea reader and how much will he/she charge?

Keep your worries at bay and visit the OurVivaha website to get the best Tasseography and Cafeomancy professionals to make your party a sparkling success and a memorable one.

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