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May 29th, 2013
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Should women take their Husbands name/surname after marriage?

I love Women. They’re the best thing ever created. If they want to be like men and come down to our level, that’s fine.” – Mel Gibson.

What goes through the mind of a self-confident, strong, independent woman when societal norms expect her to divorce her maiden name and “accept ” the identity of someone who in-turn has promised to share everything henceforth EQUALLY, until death or debt destabilise their wedlock, is a complete mystery to me.

Why is it that the Woman has to give up her family name and get a new one just for the sake of family unity? Is that the marker of one’s dedication to family life? If that is true then why is it that Men don’t ever do it?  An identity as important as someone’s name should never come from someone else; even for a reason as precious as LOVE. But that’s just me!

Then, what about their children’s last name you’d ask? If the child’s parents have different surnames, then whose last name should the child inherit? Obviously there can be no ‘Black and White’ solution. But if the parties involved come to a consensus on the last name, whether one is chosen from the two options available (the usual case of fevered imagining) or one is invented, is infinitely more logical than following the current chauvinistic tradition.

Centuries of discrimination against women (half the human race I might add) is slowly being eradicated by just, forward-thinking people. From not being allowed to own property on their name just a few decades ago to being the head of state is a long way indeed! Feminist organisations have paved the way for a lot of changes and yet it is not even close to being enough. The classic example here in India being the ‘Gulabi Gang’ (Rural Women of UP in pink sari’s who pursue justice… with bamboo sticks). This small digression from the subject on hand is a much more serious issue which needs to be addressed!

If you have made it this far down, I will end this article by asking you a direct question which is simply this, What will you do? Follow tradition or aid the transition?

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