Summer Weddings

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Jun 9th, 2013
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Vibrant Summer Weddings

If you are planning to tie the knot in the heat of the Indian summer, go for vibrant colors, all bright and rich, including bright pink, orange, turquoise blue, plum, red and gold.

Summers bring in the holiday mood and to enjoy the wedding season with your near and dear ones, you will have to be very careful while deciding on the wedding venue, menu, flower decoration etc.

Wedding Venue

Planning to exchange your vows in the great outdoors or contemplating an indoor affair has always been a point of discussion for the would-be-bride/groom. Well, both outdoor and indoor weddings have their own relevance.

The most important aspect that needs to be taken care of when, you are going for an indoor wedding is proper ventilation. You need to make sure that the cooling gadgets, generator, cool fabric and light colors are in place.

Simple decoration is the key for summer weddings as it soothes the eyes. Pastel shades of pink, white and navy-blue are the favorites in Indian weddings for decoration.

Indoor weddings provide a very controlled environment, where you can escape from the heat and are comparatively a little easy affair.

Outdoor wedding provides you with a wide array of venue options to choose from and takes you a step closer to nature. They are a hot trend now-a-days be it on the beach, on a farm, at a resort or at an estate.

Delicious Wedding menu

There are so many delicacies suited for the summer months, making it hard to choose the menu for your summer wedding.

To keep your guests feeling hydrated, non-alcoholic lemonade or iced tea bars are very popular in the summer weddings. Salads, fruits, cold soup, ice-cream, jelly and cheese cake can allure guests.

It is always a good practice to sort out your guests on their eating habits, vegetarian or non- vegetarian while preparing the guest list. Based on these lists, it gets really easy to prepare your menu. Choose food that is not affected by heat and doesn’t get spoilt in this weather.

Since starters are a huge hit now-a-days, people tend to serve so many starters that by the time guests sit for the main course meal they are already full. Keeping the summer season in mind, avoid oily and fatty items. While planning the main course, including a few regional dishes or cuisine will give a regional touch to the wedding menu.

Wedding Flower Decorations

Flowers hold lot of importance in Indian weddings and are used everywhere from the main gate of the wedding venue to the mandaps. From summer yellows and bright pinks to classic whites and reds, summer blooms come in a multitude of colors to suit any theme. Using seasonal flowers in the weddings is a good idea as they are easily available and look pretty as well.

The biggest challenge in the summer weddings is maintaining the freshness of flowers. Therefore, do not select flowers which dry up easily in summers. Special care should be taken to retain the freshness of flowers, so that they don’t look musty. You can wrap them lightly in wet clothes and sprinkle water on it in regular intervals to maintain the freshness.

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