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May 24th, 2013
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It was this Sunday that I went for a wedding. The arrangements were amazing and of course it had to be, as the families were affluent. Well, the expectations were also set high when the engagement was held at The Sheraton. For every wedding that I attend, I just wait for the bride. I know the groom looks as graceful because it is a big day for him as well but still the aura that a bride carries with herself on her wedding, nobody can beat that. The bride came in and as I said she was looking very graceful. And one thing which made her look more graceful was her complete sense of dressing. She was wearing a beautiful pink colored Lehenga and only one piece of necklace, I think it was a mix of gold and diamond. The jewelry and the attire was so perfectly matched- a heavy lehenga with a single jewelry piece.

That took my entire attention and I started thinking of other weddings that I attended which also included the weddings in my close relations as well. The brides in these weddings looked very graceful, no doubt, but they were loaded with a lot of jewelry. Most of it was imitation jewelry that we get on rent these days. These are such big big pieces that sometimes I wonder if the bride is at all comfortable in that or she is just made to wear it to look more graceful or rather just to show that her heavy jewelry goes with her much heavier lehenga. Weddings in India are a big festival, I would say for the families. Everything should be grand and perfect in their terms and the bride’s attire is something which is very important. But, then why do we ignore the jewelry part of it which is just as important as the attire. We arrange for the jewelry only one week or ten days before which is the imitation jewelry and then just load the bride with all that jewelry . We should also keep in mind the comfortness of a bride. On her day, she is already bearing that heavy lehenga and above that the heavy imitation jewelry. Why not keep it simple and make the girl feel more comfortable?  After all, simple is always more beautiful.

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 So, why not go for a graceful and heavy lehenga and a single and simple piece of jewelry.?  Parents buy gold or diamond for their daughters to gift her the same at the wedding. The girl also wears this jewelry on her wedding but its grace and the love of the parents which is hidden in this jewelry is somewhere lost in the midst of the imitation jewelry. Every parent buys at least one gold piece for their daughter on her wedding, no matter what their financial condition but they do because they love her and want to give something precious to her. Then why to hide this love? Why not show it to the world how much your parents love you and you would look all the more graceful.

I also understand that the jewelry should match with the attire to develop a complete aura. So, instead of buying the gold or diamond first and then the attire, it could be the other way round. The attire can be bought first and then jewelry which goes with the attire and looks all the more beautiful. I know the latest trends do matter but I think for this kind of dressing, it is always in- heavy attire and a simple and single jewelry piece to compliment it. Believe me, it would make you feel more confident and more beautiful from within because you look the best when you look the way you actually are. And this is just simply natural.

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