Rocking little kids at the Weddings

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Dec 27th, 2013
Image Courtesy:ClickSutra

Rocking little kids at the Weddings:

Oh! Kids are always rocking! Aren’t they? Weddings give them the freedom to rock, rock and rock to their best.. Here is a collection of all the #littlekidsrock collections.

The Tabla Specialists:

These guys seem to enjoy with the instrument in full swing. Do you think he is trained?

ArjunsTryst_Engaging_KidsImage Courtesy: Arjuns Tryst with the camera



Ice Creams and Kids are un-seperable. They love the ice creams, in whatever color, shape and size you give! Just look at his expression, my God! This invites each of us to have one for ourselves ;)

ArjunsTryst_Engaging_Kids5Image Courtesy: Arjuns Tryst with the camera


Only kids can show such natural reactions. Every reaction they give is so cute, that we can’t miss to enjoy them. The way they laugh, they cry, they show their shyness, their anger, their happiness,… endless isn’t it.


Image Courtesy: Arjuns Tryst with the camera

Dance troop:

Kids love dancing! They ROCK with the music. Remember to inform your DJ that the music played should attract the kids attention and bring in their involvement. Never to worry, kids will dance for any music, provided they are triggered..


Image Courtesy: Arjuns Tryst with the camera

Soft Singer:

Is he singing? We think he forgot a phrase and waits for his mom / dad to start it for him ;) Be it so! Such a cute reaction he gives..


Image Courtesy: Arjuns Tryst with the camera

Gang Guys:

Hey, come on, join me for the dance, will you? We are 2 gals here, do you have a friend along with you?


Image Courtesy: Arjuns Tryst with the camera


Is there any rule that only elders can shower the flowers and blessing on the couple? No, never! Who said so? I am gonna do it!!


Image Courtesy: Arjuns Tryst with the camera

We believe that this collection would have brought a smile to your face, of course, the little kids do ROCK!!

Weddings without kids will be definitely missing something.. Making special entertainment arrangement for these cute darlings will make them merry and make your day more cherishing! Comment to let us know your experience with such rocking little kids!

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