A parent’s take on their child’s wedding

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Sep 29th, 2013
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God’s most precious gift is a child! Our children remind us of our childhood and make us realize the importance of our parents.We still remember the first time we saw and held our little ones, our tiny twins. We were blessed with a boy and a girl! Since then time just flew past quick as a wink! Boys are generally branded as trouble makers. Despite all the bruises, scraped knees, fistfights, cycle races, he was the apple of our eyes! Our angel was so full of love that we just couldn’t afford to get things done our way. We watched her play in the sandpit – building huge castles, cry her lungs out each time she lost her tooth (as she is extra sensitive), crib about what to wear and how much to eat and suddenly, we realized that it’s time for them to get married.

My wife and I had been planning and saving for our children’s wedding since they were seven. Despite our unavoidable expenditures, we felt the greatest way to start saving was to open an account for their wedding fund and contribute a small amount each month.

In addition, we wanted to spend more quality time with them as they were stepping into their next new phase in life. As parents, we wanted to give our twins the special attention they always eagerly looked forward to, as my wife and I were both working. We dug out a few old albums from our attic and reminded our children about every moment we thrived to give them our best! We had also planned a family vacation so that we re-live the memorable moments of our little world. We firmly believe this was the best bonding time we’ve ever had.

My wife and I were very keen on getting our children engaged and married on the same day, as they were twins. A marriage is a complete union of two families they say! After the engagement we had invited the in-law’s to finalize on the venues and other arrangements organized for the marriage. During this period, we got to know them better and our children too were getting comfortable with their future partners and In-Laws. We took this opportunity to strengthen our bonds with our children’s future partners as they were now a part of our family.

My wife and I had an idea to splurge on a special outfit for the most awaited occasion of our lives. We made an extra effort to look good as our children always wanted us to deck up for their school functions. We thought it would be a great surprise for them and an awesome opportunity for us to make them feel as our most precious gifts from the Almighty!

A wedding is a complete family occasion! We took this golden opportunity to plan a complete family gathering which actually doesn’t happen nowadays due to hectic work and family schedules. We also had an idea to mend bitterness, if any, before the big day so that our children could enjoy the wedding and get blessings of all the elders.

This is how we planned ourselves mentally and financially to give our children the best! It would be a pleasure to read from you, your views and preparations about your children’s wedding.

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