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Jun 28th, 2013

Colours, Music, Festivities are Distinguishing Aspects of any Indian Wedding that sets it apart from the rest. The OurVivaha Logo encompasses all of these elements to represent the Indian Traditions and Culture. The Traditional Indian Wedding is said to be complete only with Bright Colours and Soulful Music.


The Shehnai is the quintessential part of any Indian Wedding and was popularized globally thanks to the efforts of Ustad Bismillah Khan. In fact, it would be fair to say that this instrument is synonymous with Weddings in India. Playing these melodious tunes in the background either as a recording or with live Shehnai artists, it sets the auspicious tone for the Wedding Rituals.


The Shehnai is mostly seen in the North-Indian Weddings and is represented by the Nadhaswaram in the South-Indian ones. Although, it is believed to have its origin in Persia and was brought to India by the Mughals when they invaded India, an Indian Wedding wouldn’t be the same without it.


The Shehnai Instrumnet could have five or seven holes for the air. Our Logo has seven of them indicative of the Saptapadi or the seven steps that the couple take to solemnise their union. The Seven Steps are taken after tying the Mangalsutra/Thali and the Sindoor Ceremony, signifying the couple will be companions forever and will journey their lives together. It is the perhaps the most important part of any Hindu Marriage Ceremony.


The “a” of “Vivaha” on the logo is linked to the fourth hole on the Shehnai and for a specific reason. It is believed that the Saptapadi is linked to the seven ragas of music SA-RE-GA-MA-PA-DA-NE-SA. The Fourth is “MA” represents Mangalam or Birth or an Auspicious Beginning. OurVivaha helps you create the auspicious beginning of your new relationship.


The Various Bright Colours on our logo represent the Festivities and Vibrant Mood at the Indian Weddings. There is a rather direct correlation between Colours and Human Emotions and therefore at an Indian Ceremony the More Colour there is More Joy.


As a new-age Wedding Solutions Company, OurVivaha is committed to making your Marriage, a celebration that you treasure for a lifetime. We provide end-to-end Wedding Planning Services, so you can relax and enjoy getting married and all of this at the best value for our customers. We have an array of Vendors from every conceivable category of wedding services that you would require for your wedding.


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