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Jun 19th, 2013

OurVivaha – Our Story! We told you what we do, and now we tell you where it all started? What’s the story behind the creation of OurVivaha (OV)?

Our Story begins on a flight to Seattle in the US, where our founder had a thought which was the seed for where OurVivaha is today. A thought, that prompted him to return home and make a mark in the booming Wedding Industry in India. That was in October 2012, we are now in June 2013. OV is a young and dynamic organization with teams across New Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Coimbatore.

In the first of the several meet-the-people series, let us introduce to you our Management Team. The team that enables us to put in our best and also leads by example.

FounderShyam Velumani

OV is the brainchild of Shyam Velumani, who has previously worked as a Management Consultant in the US. He has an MBA from the Hult International Business School and Bachelors in Information Technology from the Anna University with over 8 years of marketing experience. From FMCG to technology, he has worked with MNCs in varied industries as a Solutions Marketing Consultant.

Pradhiba Santhosh

Co-founder of the organization, Pradhiba has been a Project Manager and a successful software/SAP professional in the past. She has worked with Infosys & Bosch and has several awards & accolades to her credit.

ArunKumar Kubendran

Chief Technology Officer, Our IT man has worked on over 50 technology platforms, for over a 100 websites using a whopping 500+ software tools. Arun & his diligent team are responsible for OV’s robust & intuitive platform.

More about us and our teams very soon!

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