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Jul 5th, 2013

I’ve been Fabulously Single for most part of my Life, which is rather looked down upon by some of the Happily-Married Folks I meet.  Perhaps, they are just plain jealous because I choose to be happy no matter what!

Not that I haven’t been doing anything about my Single Status. Friends, Family, Extended Family, Extended Friends, Friendly Neighbours & even Household Help never tire of getting me to meet Prospective Grooms/Boyfriends. Reckon, I could now write an entire book of short stories on how interesting my meetings (as most would like to refer to them) have been.

I would normally avoid generalising people on the basis of their community or by what they wear. But, with the recent experiences I’ve had, I’d think twice to date a man, who would show up in Pink on our first date. Here’s why:  I met this chap who flew down all the way from Chennai, family in tow just to see little me in my hometown.

My parents get all excited at the enthusiasm displayed by the prospective groom’s side, which chose to take a flight to meet their daughter. The entire family is excited to see where this goes considering the family astrologer has given his go-ahead saying that this is a match made in heaven! Both the families choose to meet in of the best luxury hotels that would give the boy and the girl (yes, 20 somethings are still referred to this way) plenty of places where they could have their conversations away from the glares of the family.

So, we meet sometime mid-morning! The BOY in question saunters in forty five minutes late, in a Pink Half-Sleeves Shirt and a perfume that was made-to-kill the people around you…literally that is! He had more gold on him than I did. Tch Tch! My Mom kept giving me the “I told you” Look. I was perturbed by his audacity at coming in late and refusal to even acknowledge it!

After a brief exchange of hellos between the families, we were sent away to talk. Oh boy & could this person talk! We spent about six hours together that day; with timely breaks that gave me some respite from his whining. For at least five and a half hours that we were together, he kept talking about his ex. About what they did, what went wrong, how her family was to blame, even details about holidays done together!

I was horrified but also sufficiently entertained! He watched practically all of the Ekta Kapoor Serials and it surprised him that I didn’t know most of the names! However, I did lose my niceties after a while when despite several requests to stop talking about the past, he continued in true Indian TV Soap Opera style. I tilted towards Sarcasm but unfortunately for me, he didn’t seem to get that either!

The Breaking Point came when he said he loved his sister more than his Mom. In fact he and his sister were like “Two Bodies & One Soul”. When asked how he would express his love for her, he says for example “If I buy one mango for myself, I’ll buy one mango for her!”. Oh dear God! And to top it all I don’t like mangoes! My sister promised to buy me a truck-load of them to prove her love.

Thankfully the Ordeal ended that very evening, when the boy and his family had to leave back home. These were his parting words to me at the airport “I’ll add you to my friends list on Orkut and Facebook!”.  My parents couldn’t understand why I refused to meet this “Cute Boy” again.

I recently bumped into him & his wife! Being well-mannered I went ahead and greeted them, but he had this “See what you missed” look plastered all over his face. Followed by a quizzical look that why does she look so freaking happy?!

Wonder why do people believe that a single woman needs to look sad or morose? That the poor girl is Incomplete until she gets married! I’m committed to living my life fully and living a life that I truly Love! Isn’t it more important to live a fuller, richer life and journey through this with a companion who walks with you and sees how it goes?

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