Meet The Team-Dileep

By ourvivaha
In Dream Team
Sep 10th, 2013
1. How would you describe yourself?

Curious and Recklessly Impulsive is what I think I am.

2. Journey So Far!

I remember seeing the fork in the road and not taking (allowed) the one less travelled.

3. Why did you opt to work in the wedding industry?

I chose to work in the wedding industry because…. FOOD!

4. Why did you opt for a start-up?

Because … FOOD.

5. What is it about your job that you love the most?

We get to mess up a LOT and not get any flak for it.

6. 3 things about you that are not commonly known.

=> I’ve had 9 different bones broken in my body. 261 short of Evel Knievel.

=> I still use Orkut. (Don’t judge me)

=> And for the ladies out there, I am SINGLE!

7. Your Favourite Quote/Movie/Song

Quote: “I Did it for the Lulz” – Anon

Movie: American Beauty

Song: Rock Music or Bust !


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