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Aug 30th, 2013
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1. Tell us about your Journey!

I used to take pictures when I was in school, with a point and shoot film camera. There was something about the camera and the images it produced that fascinated me. My first SLR was a Yashica full manual 35mm film camera and I was comfy with it the moment I shot with it. In late 2000, I moved to digital. I was shooting mostly landscapes and some portraits. Wedding photography started as an experiment in late 2009 – with an idea of presenting a different perspective of the moments – more photojournalistic. It was a bit off-beat in India. My first wedding was my Brother’s and I did a pretty good job for a first timer. That’s when my journey started as a wedding photographer. But I still shoot landscapes – something I’ve always loved.

2. Did you do a course in Photography? Were you self-trained? How many years in the industry?

I am taught by the Internet. Been in the Wedding photography industry for about 4 years now.

3. In terms of customer tastes & preferences, how much of a change have you seen since the time you started off?

I started off as a creative wedding photographer, so, I know that people always were hungry for ‘the different’. I am amazed by how fast this trend grew over the last 5 years, fuelled by the Internet. From a handful few to more than 4000 creative photographers today in India alone.

4. If you could share the one incident or life-situation that triggered the move to this field?

Pre-2009, I didn’t see any variety in wedding photography or in the albums that were being made, though I believed that there was a demand and a need for it. That was the one single reason.

5. If it wasn’t for Photography then?

Cinematography perhaps..

6. The best thing about your job?

Quick feedback! I don’t have to wait for years to see the reactions to my work. And quick feedback leads to quick improvements.

7. Achievements so far

My client’s smiles are the most important ones. About professional memberships, that’s coming soon.

8. Any particular moment or incident or wedding that was the most memorable so far?

Every wedding is a different and memorable experience and every one gives me shots that make me feel good about what I do. Though I remember one, where I was put up in the groom’s neighbour’s place. This was a small simple family, but I was deeply touched by their hospitality.

9. What’s your style of photography?

Mostly photojournalistic, Couple shoots and group shots require some choreography.

10. Do you follow any rules while shooting?

Yes, there are classical rules of composition and lighting that I do follow. For weddings though, most of the variables are not in our control. I have learnt to juggle around over the years.

11. What would you recommend for people who are planning to have their marriage in the near future?

Straight to the point – hire me :) .

Well they need to know their taste and budget and then look for a photographer.

12. Do you have a favourite picture?


13. our favourite subject/person to shoot?

Brides :)

14. Tips for people who want to enter the Wedding Photography space

Know what you are doing and be yourself

15. Do you encourage/open to internships with you?

Yes, I do.

16. Do you have a mentor in the field? Yes, who?


17. Your Favourite Photographer

Quite a few actually and they have vividly different styles.

18. Any Plans: Long Term(LT) & Short Term(ST)

ST = wedding cinematography & LT = learning the latest trends

19. Your USP – in your words

My photography, combined with my post-processing techniques I have learnt over the years. I don’t outsource for either post-production or the album design.

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