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Jun 7th, 2013
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Every girl wants to look her best on the day of her wedding, but can only make-up help you get that glow!!

I think otherwise, because no matter how many layers of makeup one puts on her skin it doesn’t help, unless you don’t have a balanced diet, sufficient sleep & exercise. If the Bride includes some simple things in her daily lifestyle, she can not only look the prettiest on D-Day but also look her best for her honeymoon.

Here are some simple steps that one should follow –


A lot of women want to lose weight before their marriage, so that they can fit into designer wear and look gorgeous. But, in order to lose weight a lot of us plan to skip breakfast and starve ourselves for long hours and when we again check our weight after a week – Oops we didn’t lose an ounce!! Infact, we’ve gained some!!

Ladies! Skipping breakfast is not the mantra to lose weight; infact you tend to gain more, because breakfast is one of the most essential parts of our diet, after our long fast that we are on while we are asleep.  Remember that’s the reason it’s called break-fast!!  Infact, if we skip our meals then we tend to eat more and the body extracts more fat from the food that we eat, which in turn makes us gain rather than lose those kilos.


Here is a simple diet plan suggested by us for the BRIDES TO BE – Remember the mantra is to eat less but at proper time intervals.

  • WAKE UP TIME- you can start your day with a glass of lukewarm water with a teaspoon of honey and some lemon juice mixed with it / Eat fresh aloe vera or drink some tender coconut water

This helps to detoxify your body by flushing out all the unnecessary ingredients and fats.

  • BREAKFAST-  It has to be more protein and less of fats
  1. 2 egg whites with a piece of brown bread with some carrot + orange juice


  1. Poha /upma with a glass of plain milk/juice
  2. Idli with milk/juice
  3. Brown bread sandwiches with milk/juice
  • AFTER BREAKFAST MEAL – A plate of salad /fruits
  • LUNCH- one should have proper lunch
  1. A bowl of Dal + Chappatis + Brown Rice + Curd
  2. A bowl of chicken (grilled) + Chappatis +Curd

(Delicacies like rajma , potato, normal rice etc ….should be avoided)

  • EVENING – A cup of tea with two biscuits / Bhel puri /Dhokla
  • DINNER – Dinner should be done before 7.30 and it should be the lightest of all meals.
  1. Oat meal
  2. Grilled chicken
  3. Fruits and Milk
  4. Sprouts salad

(Chappatis and Rice should be totally avoided at night)


Girls! Look for options around your house, join the local gyms, aerobics, yoga centres whatever interests you, but do join something because exercise will not only help you tone up and lose weight, it also brings a glow on your skin. After a month or so you will be very happy about your body’s flexibility and the natural glow that you have on your skin.


You definitely need that proper 7-8 hour sleep, if you want to be free from those big dark circles under your eyes, puffiness, always-tired feeling and a lot more.

I can understand there is so much to do, so much to ponder over, after all it’s your wedding and it’s going to happen just once. But ladies it’s okay you still got to sleep, because if you don’t get your beauty sleep, you are going to have dark circles on the D-Day which certainly is not any girls dream!!


Look, we know this is the toughest thing, since you will be entering a new life altogether so the anxiety, the curiosity, nervousness, all these things will be on your mind all the time!!

Which will generate stress and not let you sleep eat and do anything properly, I know this is natural and this will come but, can’t we just take some steps and efforts to try and keep ourselves stress free, follow these simple steps and see the difference-

  • TAKE OUT TIME FOR YOURSELF – we know it’s really busy and taking out time for yourself is tough, but get up early take out those 2 hours for yourself, since after that you will have no time for yourself, since it’s going to be a long day. In those 2 hours do whatever you want to do – paint, sing, dance, play the guitar, listen to music, write a diary to watch what’s going on in your mind, go crazy do anything because that is your time.
  • MEDITATE- Go to the local park in the morning or look for a silent corner in your house, close your eyes, take deep breathes for half an hour, inhale deeply and exhale deeply thinking of your favourite thing. This is a big stress buster; you can also do other forms of meditations like “Yog Nidra” or “Om Jappa”. All this will help you relive your stress!! But, you will have to take the effort of trying it out!!
  • GO JOGGING – Have a problem in holding your mind at one place , why don’t you try this other option which is very simple – just plug in the head phones in your ears with loud music and just go jogging, run till the time you have nothing else left in your mind except the feeling of mindlessness.

Okay I hope my lovely ladies these 4 simple steps, if you adapt in your daily routine your life will become stress free and your will have an inner glow which no makeup, no spa centre can give you. Remember, make-up is important to make us look even better; not that we be totally dependent only on it and screw the life and happiness of our poor make-up artist or that poor parlour aunty who is helping us out look good. Because beauty comes from inside!!

       -Niharika Narang

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