How to find your BEST Match – your life partner – your better half?

By ourvivaha
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Jul 18th, 2014
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How to find your BEST Match – your life partner – your better half?

Finding your perfect life partner is not easy. IT is a tough job. What are the ways to make this job easier?

We have to first understand ourselves, what we are, what we are looking for, so on. Once these small things are done, finding out our perfect match will be simpler.

Read on our quick tips that would help you make this find easy, yet perfect!


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Quick tips:

  1. Be aware of what you do and what you like. Finding someone with similar characteristics would be great. For instance, you would never miss a weekend without a movie! So if your partner is also a movie lover, then there is no second thought!
  2. Think and list out what do you want in your partner as a man/woman? Should they be simple, smart, friendly, …
  3. Let the list be a little elaborate, with a mention on the personality, characteristics, so on..
  4. Keep visiting and updating your list as and when you think of your future partner.
  5. It is OK to change the points or even the list, as preferences do change with time.
  6. Take a decision that you will be yourself with them and will show your feelings upfront. How you feel and expressing your feeling to the other person is important as that will definitely attract your partner, if at all they were made for you.
  7. Be at your best, dress the way you like, as this will bring in more confidence to you and you will feel and look pretty.
  8. Meet and talk, allowing yourself to understand your partner better. You may not find your perfect match in the first go, but you will be able to fine tune your preferences for the next one in your way.
  9. Close your eyes and listen to what your Heart says. It will never fail you.
  10. Never give up. You will find your perfect partner very soon.

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