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May 12th, 2013
Image Courtesy:Ojas Creative

The exhibition at The Grand, Vasant Kunj, was the first wedding exhibition I had attended. The exhibition was called ‘Rutba’. The entrance was grand and impressive and there was a registration desk for people who had not already taken a pass for the exhibition. It would have been great if they had a board or a catalogue listing all the participants at the exhibition.

There were around 50 vendors who had put up their stalls. The categories included designer Indian Wear, Home Decor, Western Wear, Footwear, Gift Items and Jewellery. Every stall had at least a couple of customers which leads us to conclude that the footfall was good enough. We were there for about an hour and the footfall in that one hour was around 80.

There were vendors from Mumbai and Kolkata, though the majority was from New Delhi. A few of them did not really have a shop or a boutique and relied on Word Of Mouth for business. There were a couple of freelancers who got the product ready only when there was an order.

Every stall was wonderfully arranged and had an exquisite display of talent. The price tags and the customers at the stall were evidence enough of the wealth people had and were willing to spend. The shoes were priced starting at Rs.4,000. The dresses were as steep as Rs. 50,000 or more.

The exhibition convinced me that the wedding industry will never face a decline. People do have the money and they are eager to have the best. Surely, there is opportunity for all those thinking of investing in this industry.

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