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Jun 16th, 2013
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Dad…You are the best!!

Father’s Day is here and so it makes me write about this beautiful relationship between a Daughter and her Father.

For every daughter, her dad is her first best friend, first guide and first “Hero” and same is the case with me. I still remember when I was young, and my dad used to work at nights, how I used to disturb him and force him to pamper me and leave his work.

When he used to get late from office by even 10 minutes of his regular timings, I used to stand in the balcony waiting for him with a stupid puppy like face and how seeing him my expression used to be like of Dhoni when he wins the match.

No words can describe the beautiful bond of love that exists between a father and daughter. He is the first hero of her life and she is his ultimate princess. And for every father, his daughter’s wedding is the most special day in his life.

When a girl is getting married, she is happy and forgets all the sorrows and sadness in the glitz and glamour of the beginning of her new life, but it’s her father who is sad deep in his heart thinking that his little girl would now be a part of a different family. She will be answerable to a lot of other people now and her priorities will change. But, it’s not the truth; a daughter never forgets her home. For her, Marriage is not the end of her life at her parent’s house; it’s just a new phase.  For a father, it’s a very complicated situation. One side he is happy that his daughter will now be a responsible young woman and will be taken care and loved by her husband, on the other side he is somewhere aware of the fact that he will miss his daughter every second.

I am so scared of the day myself, when I will have to leave my parents, my home.

This Father’s Day I just want to tell my Dad, I might not hug you every day, I might not be able to give you the time I deserve but you will always by my first Hero !!

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