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Sep 7th, 2013
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I grew watching a lot of Hindi movies where the actress is commonly seen riding a romantic pillion on her boyfriend’s bike. Now this was one moment I really liked in the Hindi melodramas. In school, it was always a big question for all my friends as to how the girls actually manage the ride…I mean was there absolutely no fear of being caught?

I have the foggiest memory of this story that I would like to share. My mum’s youngest brother was married, when I was in Grade 7. The couple stayed far away from our house. They visited us on weekends and made a lengthy commute back and forth on their bike! My mum suggested using the car instead which would make their journey much safer. They would always listen to her but they never followed her advice even once. I was very close to this new aunt of mine and one fine day, I asked her what is so special about the weekly ride that they refuse to use the car. To my surprise, she told me the route takes them along lush green trees on both sides with lots of shade topped with a soft, serene breeze which made the ride awesome!  Further, she added, she had always dreamt of such a ride with her husband which was a perfect ambience to spend quality time and make conversations! What I understood from her was that she was all in “Louv” yet couldn’t make much out of her words till I actually experienced it one fine day.

While I was working, I got engaged…heading for an arranged marriage as the boy was selected by my parents. Luckily, we happened to work for the same organization. We met while we took breaks for tea, had our lunch together and slowly and steadily were getting to know each other. This went on for 4 months, till one day we felt like taking a ride on the bike. Our friends say we were just too slow…I mean a ride on a bike took us 4 months…extremely hopeless! We took leave for a ride followed by lunch and movie.

My first ever experience of a close look at the silver Royal Enfield Thunderbird! I swear such a beauty she was and still is! Very shy, as I was while I got on the bike, all ready to take a ride hundreds of butterflies started fluttering in my stomach. I had always heard and read about these butterflies, and finally experienced it! Though it was a sunny day, I could feel the breeze, the trees, and the shade. I remembered my aunt when I realized and felt what she had experienced. After a few kilometers, we took a break for lunch. The ride had given me an appetite as I was on the top of the world that day. Post lunch, we watched Happy Feet 2.

I guess and, in fact, strongly believe, every girl would have dreamt of this first pillion ride with her fiancé. Do you have any such experience to share? If yes, please let us know. We’d be all the more happy to connect with your story!

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