Drama in the Life of a Single Woman

By ourvivaha
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May 28th, 2013
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‘Almost Single’ by Advait Kala and the Gul Panag starrer ‘Turning 30’ both depict the life of a single woman waiting for Prince Charming to come into her life and sweep her off her feet. The story of any single woman is not very different.

I am single and still waiting for the “Right Guy” to come along. Meanwhile all the generations of my family still breathing, make sure, I do not get a moment of peace. I am continuously reminded that I need to get married; not verbally of course, eyes and smiles do the trick. Matrimonial sites have replaced news websites on my Favourites list. I open my eyes to find the text messages of my mother to check profiles of guys on the matrimonial site and thus starts my beautiful day. Mission of the day – Find the right one!!

I was at home in March after completing my post graduation when it seemed my parents had sworn to get me a guy before I leave to join my new job in Delhi. I was watching my favourite TV series of Prison Break when my mother asked me to get ready for a Skype call with a prospective groom. It was 8pm.I had tonnes of oil on my head and my mother wouldn’t let me go on Skype like that. At the speed of lightning I washed my hair, got ready and sat for the most awkward Skype call which lasted precisely 8 minutes. The call ended but the never ending questions of the guy on Whatsapp and Gtalk lasted until midnight. I was actually cursing technology by the time I closed my eyes.

The next meeting was scheduled at Pammi Aunty’s Holi party. No dress that I already had seemed to pass the scrutiny of my mother. Preparations had started couple of days in advance. After trying 4-5 Indian dresses, my mother finally settled on one. I felt like a Barbie being dressed by her adorable, proud owner. Accessories, sandals, the way I carried my dupatta and held my head were all discussed before I reached the party. Here the encounter lasted 2 minutes and 45 seconds.

The life of a single woman is filled with such humorous events until she gets married. Pep up girls! Do not get disheartened! Be a cheerful Barbie, if at all you have to be one. Happiness is round the corner!

    –  Kavita Rao

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  1. shishir sinha says:

    Looks like u gonna get ur prince charming soon !! Courtesy your mother’s prompt efforts : )

  2. selva says:

    very needful this one

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