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Jun 23rd, 2013
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Daddy’s Little Girl!

From the moment I opened my big, black eyes and stared mesmerizingly at my parents, I was the princess of the family – says my mother. I would like to believe otherwise. Never pampered, I had to share every small gift and toy with my annoying little younger brother.

As I grew up and the need for privacy increased and I found my brother’s stuff and G.I.Joe toys sprawled all over my room. My clothes were his canvas and I was his lab mouse for all the stunts that he pulled on a rather regular basis. All this took place, with little or no intervention from my parents. My Mom used to yell occasionally, but I would never hear my father reprimanding my brother. So, yes, I never felt like a princess and then the time came for me to get married.

I was suddenly the center of attention, the apple of every eye – even for the distant aunt whom I was probably seeing for just the first time. Gifts, sarees, marital advice poured in from every imaginable social connection. Even my naughty brother was doing a great job at getting things organised as though he was happy to send me away and have the whole house to himself.

Since the wedding preparations started my father hardly got time to sit and talk to me ,not that he used to spend hours doing that before – but hey…I was getting married and Daddy time with Daddy advice had to be a part, right! It was finally the D-day and I had given up hope of the dad – daughter bonding, as I’d seen in most English movies.

After the ceremonies, I walked out of the house I had grown up in towards the beautifully decorated sedan waiting to take me to my new home. No emotional outbursts at all. I rather quite normal. After several rounds of kissing and hugging, I was seated in the back seat. My mother was in tears as though I was going to war and then I saw it.

Have you seen those jewellery ads where the bride hugs her father and gets all emotional for the precious metals he gifts? I felt close to that. My father was in tears. He bent at the car window and kissing my cheeks he whispered – “Good bye Princess! You will be missed every moment”. That was the moment when the flood gates burst open. The car moved as I watched him through my tears, recollecting all those years, when I was indeed, the Princess.

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