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May 12th, 2013
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An Indian Wedding is nonetheless an extravagant affair. Music, dancing, gastronomic food, drinks, fun and laughter all shape a Big Fat Indian Wedding. A host of pre and post wedding functions usually are put together to make it a Grand Celebration. However, while the bride and the groom are the centre of attention in any wedding function, more often than not the guests tend to get bored, especially if they don’t know other invitees. To ensure that the guests enjoy & mingle amongst themselves, a lot of couples nowadays are arranging for activities to keep their guests entertained. These activities depend on the type of function and the turn-out at the gathering. Here are a few fun suggestions:

1. Magic Show – Magic is something which appeals to people of all age groups. When the party starts, and whilst the photographs are being taken, the magician can break the ice and keeps all the guests entertained. He could mix and mingle amongst the wedding guests, perform interactive magic tricks and magically make someone look better. And who knows, a new set of weddings could come out of it!!!


2. Tarot Card Reading – An Indian wedding depends a lot on “fate” and “karma”. So what better than a tarot card reader to tell you about your love life, career and, of course, your financial fortunes! That might sound a tad serious but these fortune tellers are also a great entertainment option for wedding functions. At most events there are a large queue to get the attention of the tarot card reader.


3. Tea/ Coffee Reading – If you think tarot card reading is passé then think about tea and coffee. Tea reading is known as Tasseography and coffee reading is known as Cafeomancy. This has traditionally been practiced by women from many countries, typically at gatherings of family and friends. It is a great way to keep people engaged. And if your future is bleak you can always have a great Cuppa!!!


4. Instant Photo Corner – An instant photo corner is a great hit at weddings. Along with the fun element, it helps take home great memories. Guests could have their photos taken individually or with family and friends. You can choose a chic backdrop or funky accessories depending on the theme of the party. If not anything else then it’s a great reason for people to keep smiling!!


5. Caricature / Portrait Artist – If modern technology is already boring you, with Google taking over your life, a caricature or a portrait artist is a welcome change. While a portrait artist can make you look good, a caricature artist can make you laugh at others!!


Including any of the above activities as a part of your Wedding celebrations is sure to enthrall your invitees and create some great memories to take home!!

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