A young girl’s take on Arranged marriage

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Jun 25th, 2013
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I believe most of you reading this blog would have become aware of this custom when a guy or his family/friends comes for the first time to the girls family to “check out” the girl. So, I had no clue that it was one of the worst days of my life and I would be subjected to this age-old tradition. I was in all aww’s and shocks when I got this news from my parents, but I knew there was no escaping the situation. I was simply not ready to face all this torture, but the only thing that gave me a sigh of relief was that it was organised at a nearby coffee shop, so there I would get some time to talk to the guy in privacy.

But, the happiness didn’t last for too long, as I had to go through a series of preparations before I was actually allowed to meet him. And so it started, with giving me an introduction to the guy, he was a well-educated man, having done his MBA from the top-notch college of the country and well-settled with his own business (maybe that is what excited my parents about him). Anyways, I was literally told everything about him: his height, weight, complexion, family, religion, liking, interest and much more. And, if you are wondering that it ended there, then think again it didn’t.

It was about quarter past three, when I was pushed into my room to get ready for my meeting, saying I would be late! Again, I was asking myself, do I actually need two hours to get ready? Because, I had to meet him only at 6 that evening. Nevertheless, I got ready, wore a nice Salwar, applied some minimal make-up and came out of my room to be on the receiving end of yet another shock. This time it was my dress, I wore the same one on, the one for which I used to get compliments all the time. In fact, I adored it but this time it was different, my mother hated everything I had put from my dress, to shoes, to my hair-do, the make-up and I was advised on every little thing as if I am getting ready for the very first time. Finally, after several arguments my mom settled for my attire.  And of course, by then I was so exhausted that I felt like I was preparing to go on a battlefield.

Finally, I went to meet with ‘the guy’, he was already at the coffee shop waiting for me, by his first sight he looked real good, tall and handsome and had spiked hair ( I somehow liked his hairstyle a lot!!). Anyways, both of us started off on a rather funny note by asking each other’s name, which indeed was long known to us. The conversation then steered towards my studies, interests, career plans etc. and I kept asking him the in return (Just so that, I don’t sound rude to him, because I already knew everything about him and I knew in my heart that I am not ready for marriage).

The conversation further went to some of the most annoying topics like the City traffic, Weather Conditions, Roads Condition, Government Policies, and Elections etc, suddenly I lost all interest it was as if I have come for a serious discussion, and the motive was no longer marriage (I wonder why guys in general start giving their opinions on everything, even when the other person looks completely disinterested), by this time I was feeling really bored and tired and he guessed that by my half-cooked sentences and monotonous nodding, and he made an attempt to pep me up by asking me about my friends, family etc. But, I believe I was in one of those moods where I could simply pick up any random person and tell them off, so my replies didn’t really change much.

And then the date (?!) ended, I wanted to be nice to him before leaving so I greeted him, wished him the best for his career and business. He also suggested dropping me off to my place, but I refused saying I had to pick up some things from the market before returning home (which, I never did! ). I never met that guy again (thankfully), but somehow I do feel he was not that bad, it was indeed not the right date and time!!

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  1. In Love Marriage, couples understand each other and spent more time together as no relationship exits without love. In Arranged marriages, our parents search’s our life partner. They will inquiry about their family background and eventually they will know about our life partner.

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