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May 16th, 2013
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How often do we hear a “Yes” from a would-be bride or groom, when asked if they would take the services of a wedding planner for their wedding…certainly, a whole lot of times. This is a mere recent concept..something which has gained a lot of popularity in this dynamic and modern society.

- So, Why is it that the Concept of having a wedding planner become so popular in the recent years??

It is because of the busy lifestyle of people; the bride, the groom, their family or the relatives are so engrossed with their personal and professional life that they do not have time to work out every single detail that will go into making their “D Day” a memorable one and so they outsource all of these activities to a Wedding Planner.

Wedding Planner acts as someone who would work on all the matters related to a wedding, on exactly the requirements as would be specified by the bride and the groom. Their services are not just restricted to the requirements on the wedding day like catering, accommodation, decor, photos, videos etc. But, it goes beyond that to include post-wedding services like gifts for guests, honeymoon arrangements for bride and groom and a lot more.

Thus the dynamic wedding industry coupled with an unexpected increase in the budgets, and an increased focus on making every detail perfect for the wedding day has ensured that the services of a wedding planner as something to be sought out for!!

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